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Welcome to CollaborateHR

Your strategic partner in navigating the complex world of Human Resources. With over two decades of dedicated HR experience, our team is uniquely equipped to bolster the potential of small to medium-sized businesses through comprehensive HR solutions.

Our expertise is deeply rooted in the hands-on experience and leadership roles our team members have held, including Vice Presidents of People Strategy, HR Directors, HR Managers, HR Business Partners, HR Specialists, Safety and Compliance Officers, HR Coordinators, and HR Administration.

This wide-ranging experience ensures we are well-versed in both the tactical and strategic aspects of Human Resource management, allowing us to bring a wealth of knowledge and insights directly to your company.

Education and Certification

This forms the cornerstone of our expertise. Our team members hold advanced degrees, ranging from certificates to Masters in Human Resource Management, alongside essential certifications such as OSHA and Six Sigma Green Belt. This solid educational foundation, combined with our extensive field experience, positions us as your ideal HR consulting partner.


CollaborateHR is driven by a passion for the work we do and a commitment to making high-quality HR services accessible to companies operating with limited budgets. We believe every business deserves a strong HR backbone to ensure compliance and implement effective people strategies.

If You Have Any Questions,
email us at info@collaborate-hr.com

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