Flex HR Manager Support Subscription

$1799.00 per month

$149.00 Sign Up Fee

Your dedicated HR Manager – at your fingertips!

Are you operating a business in need of HR support without the financial commitment to a full-time position? Consider the Flexible HR Support Subscription offered by CollaborateHR. This service effectively provides you with access to a dedicated HR professional for up to 20 hours per month, ready to assist with a range of HR tasks and available for meetings as required. Allow us to explain why this subscription represents an exceptional advantage for your business:

Features and Benefits of a dedicated HR Professional:

The Flexible HR Support Subscription offers access to a dedicated HR professional, available to provide assistance whenever required. These experts are skilled in managing HR tasks and can offer guidance specifically tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Comprehensive HR Coverage:

Should you require assistance with recruitment, employee management, compliance, or any other human resources-related tasks, our team of professionals is fully equipped to support you. They are capable of managing a broad spectrum of HR duties, thereby saving you time and guaranteeing that all matters are addressed with efficiency.

20 Hours Per Month:

The subscription provides 20 hours of dedicated Human Resources support on a monthly basis. This arrangement affords consistent assistance while maintaining adaptability to your unique needs. Subscribers have the option to select increments of 20 hours, tailored to their specific requirements, guaranteeing the appropriate level of support.

Personalized Meetings:

In addition to the hours allocated, you have the option to arrange 2 30 minute meetings with your designated HR professional. These sessions provide a platform to address your unique HR challenges, receive expert guidance, and devise strategies to enhance your HR practices.

Flexible and Easy to Cancel:

We recognize that business requirements are subject to modification, hence, we provide the option to terminate the subscription at any juncture, contingent upon a 30-day notice. This policy guarantees the adaptability to modify your HR support in alignment with the evolution of your enterprise.

By opting for the Flexible HR Support Subscription offered by CollaborateHR, you secure the assurance of having an adept HR professional at your disposal. This subscription encompasses dedicated support, extensive HR coverage, up to 20 hours of assistance per month, customized meetings, and options for flexible cancellation. Prepare to experience dependable HR support tailored to meet your changing needs.

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